Old Sta. Mesa Multi-purpose cooperative

Interview conducted by: Angela S. Aguirre                                        


BC 1-1 


Question: How can non-members apply for membership in your Co-op?                     

 -In case they’ve been a member, what are their rights as a member?                    

 – Having the rights correspond responsibilities, what are the responsibilities  assign being a member of the coop?   

  Answered by Mr. Irene: “Anybody wishing to apply as member shall be accepted if he/she has attended the members orientation and paid the initial subscription, (associate) regular membership is by invitation.” 

Reflection:In applying as a member of a cooperative, the person must attend the orientation regarding how a cooperative function and its different areas.  For that, the person who is interested to join a coop must know their obligation and responsibilities as a member of a coop. They must pass all the requirements needed, if not, they will be address as a associate member. The only difference between a regular and associate member is that, an associate member have no right to vote and be vote upon. An associate member must pay the initial subscription, while  the regular member is by invitation.  

Question: How do you conduct an election in this coop? How do you keep the unity inside this coop, despite of being democratically   controlled by member? 

Answered by Mr. Irene: “After the general assembly elected were conducted on secret balloting by the election committee, anything that the members have disagreed on shall be settled through majority rule.” 

Reflection:After the election of general assembly, together with the election committee, they do a secret balloting. For any disagreement, majority rule is use. 

Question: How do your members participate economically?                

 Where did this coop get their resources? Do you acquire from outside  resources such as donations, etc.? When we talk of share capital, how do you manage the capital of this Co-op? 

 Answered by Mr. Irene: “Members contribute to the capital and deposit to the coop members also avail of the loan and other services such as Western Union. The coop also accepts donation from NGO and other coops.”

 Reflection: Members give a share capital to deposit in the benefits of having loans and other services. Coop get outside resources such as donations, and from other cooperative. 

Question: How do you manage your relationship with other organization?

 Answered by Mr. Irene: “The coop is affiliated with federations like NATCCO and FPSDC. The coop acquire/get funds from this coop like loan.” 

 Reflection:Cooperatives among cooperative, they do not allow competition. Instead they help for progress of each cooperatives. One example of it is acquiring loans in other coops.       


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